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Friesland Campina to join hands for “A Day for Vietnam”

Following the tradition of sharing social responsibilities to the community in the past 18 years, on the last April 20th, Friesland Campina Vietnam has co-operated successfully with project “Green Talk” by UNESCO – CEP Vietnam to participate in Earth Day 2014 – “A day without littering”.

(Friesland Campina’s representatives left their fingerprints as a commitment to protect the environment)

This is the first time Friesland Campina Vietnam (owner of Dutch Lady, Friso, Yomost, Fristi trademarks) participated in Green Talk project with the desire to help the community to join hands together to protect the environmental habitat . Previously, Friesland Campina Vienam also joined a chain of various related programs in the hope of creating an amazing, sustainable and prosperous Vietnam such as the “cow bank” program – join hands with fellow districts in need, border communes to build new rural construction, school promotions “Firefly” Scholarships ….

With the motto “Create shared value with the community” in Vietnam, Friesland Campina Vietnam (Dutch Lady) has been and will always work toward promoting quality and hygiene practices for fresh farm milk supply in Vietnam and take it to the top level in Southeast Asia, helping Vietnam dairy farmers to develop sustainably and also enable and promote the development of local economic sectors, contribute actively to building new countryside. Throughout 18 years of continuous teamwork, and a positive contribution to the development and improvement of Vietnamese people’s lives, Friesland Campina was honored to receive the Second Class Labor Medal awarded by the government in 2011. In 2012, Friesland Campina Vietnam was awarded “Trustworthy business for consumers” by the Standards and Consumer Protection in Vietnam ( VINASTAS ). Most recently , Friesland Campina Vietnam was honored the award “Asia Responsible Corporation” in the category of Social Promotion, thanks to the great achievements that the company has achieved through community support projects and activities.

(Actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is enjoying Earth Day Friesland Campina products)

(Actress Tam Trieu Dang with Green Talk volunteers)

(Actress Tam Trieu Dang)

(Excited volunteers giving milk for Earth Day’s volunteers)

Friesland Campina’s companionship in community development, social assistance, environmental protection projects, etc… Has contributed greatly to our society not only materially but also spiritually. The cooperation between Friesland Campina and Green Talk in the recent event Earth Day has created an enormous impact on the community; contributed to raising awareness of people for the environment to be greener, cleaner, and more beautiful.

Phạm Anh Vũ

PR Team

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