Giờ Xanh

Our deep appreciation for Dong Nai Port

Earth Day 20/04/2014 organized by Green Talk Project under UNESCO – CEP was a success to everybody’s excitement and delight. However, when it comes to Earth Day’s achievement, the great support from Dong Nai Port shall not be left out.

(Dong Nai Port’s representatives left their fingerprints as a commitment to protect the environment)

With a desire to contribute to our project, Dong Nai Port wants to help raise awareness of people about environmental issues – one of the tasks which Dong Nai Port has done ​​very well during the last period was to accompany us with their great contributions both materially and spiritually. It was, is and will always be the driving force for us, for Green Talk volunteers to maintain passion in the hope of a better life.

On behalf of Green Talk 2014 Project’s organizers, we would like to express our sincere and profound thanks to Dong Nai Port. Your valuable companionship is a real highlight, promising point for the development of the project with more successful programs in the future, further carrying the message of a green world.

Ngô Yến Ngọc

Marketing Team

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