Giờ Xanh

US$12 with 7 days learning Vietnamese class

This unique course is specially designed for tourists temporarily coming to visit Vietnam and foreigners working in Vietnam who wish to achieve basic Vietnamese for the shortest time. We truly recommend you for joining this class because of the following reasons:

  • SECC – the foundation of this program – is a well-known center for achieving precious experiences in teaching Vietnamese for foreigners with well – qualified teachers.
  • Interesting and funny methodology in teaching will help people acquire useful knowledge in the fastest way.
  • Learning the language associated with the cultural discovery.

This is not only a free course but also a great opportunity for you to practice Vietnamese – a very amazing language. All you have to do is donating a small fee for Explore Vietnamese Project: US$12 equivalent to 7 days studying at SECC or your chosen places.

Moreover, we also have others great courses that you may concern such as: “30 hours to master Vietnamese foundation or “Special Vietnamese Classes for Foreigners

Address: 50/12, Street 79, Tan Quy Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam.

Here are some photos of foreigner students that are taken by the teachers of the SECC center (image provided by the teacher):

Asami (Interfloor Vietnam) is interested in Vietnamese class

Gerlina (Bosch Vietnam) is learning Vietnamese through song “The flag”(Sheet music is presented by Ta Quang Thang singer)

Catheria (Nestle Viet Nam) is learning Vietnamese at her home

To join:

  • Email:
  • Tel: +848 22003693 – +84903 309 299
  • You can also inbox to Fanpage Vietnamese Teacher or vistit our website in THIS LINK for further information before studying.
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